Alert! The following article contains details of graphic experiences among a bunch of social newbies that compete to win the best jackpots and progressive freebies by trying their patronized luck on the various online casino and bingo rooms.

As formal as the game looks like, it is just as much exciting and fun too! We all must have heard about the game bingo being played at our mother’s kitty parties, and their social gatherings. This game is not only the toast-raising moment for all players but is also a doer of great things at the same time. The idea of winning double bounties with a cashless account and taking a toss over successive jackpots sounds crazy. But this was really the case when players tried playing online.

With hottest games of bingo available online, it is like a magic stacked with the weekly and monthly promotion offers at play on these sites. One even gets welcome bonuses for registrations and regular updates on the new bingo rooms and changing themes with upcoming festivals. Bingo bonus no deposit offers are also available at BingoMagix

So how many of us who play casino games regularly get a chance to make a double bounty on one dice role? This is like a magic trick that only the magician can do! But no, this trick can now come to your home in minutes every day, every week, and every month. Making some extra cash and ensuring total entertainment on these games is something I am fixated on. Play casino games now, and get going with jumping and jiving into a pile of presents, bonuses and free rewards! Rumble into the best gaming website and feel the tid-bits of awesome experience in gaming now.




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Bingo is an exciting online game, and players never get enough of it.
Here is why even the newbie’s will get intrigued, and look for free bingo games to play now on BingoMagix.
1. The game is very simple
A player marks off numbers on cards as the numbers are drawn randomly by a caller, the winner being the first person to mark off all their numbers. So, the game play is very simple. All you need to do is, stay attentive and enhance your chances of winning the exciting cash price

2. Bingo bonus and jackpots.
Playing a game becomes more exciting when you make money out of it. Bingo gives you countless chances of winning a bonus and jackpots; so, if you want to experience fun-earning as well, BingoMagix is the best gaming site where you get free bingo games to play now

3. Socialize with other players
Another great reason to visit BingoMagix and get free bingo games to play now is that you can befriend other players and chat with them using the chat room feature. Playing a game becomes twice as fun when you compete with your friends.

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All You Need To Know About Best Bingo Bonuses UK

Online bingo is hugely popular. With new players coming in every day, this classic game has started getting all the attention it deserves. Have you played online bingo games yet? If not, you need to check them out to see how great they can be. Online sites offer you the best bingo bonuses UK that attract players, but how many of us really know what the best bingo bonuses UK are?
Let’s start with the basics. The most common type of bonuses in online bingo is the welcome bonuses. It’s a standard bonus offer that all new players can make use of. Each site has a different offer. This can include a free sign up bonus as well. On Bingo Magix, all newbies get a free sign up bonus of £10. Apart from this, there are re-load bonuses that are rewarded to players each time they make a deposit. GameVillage Bingo has the best bingo bonuses UK.
Progressive Jackpots are another attraction on bingo sites and are rather popular among those who love the excitement that comes with gambling. In a progressive jackpot, an amount is set before the game starts and that amount of win keeps increasing as more and more players enter the game. The higher the number of players, the higher will be the jackpot. One thing to keep in mind is that progressive jackpots are very hard to land. They go out infrequently and never as much as standard jackpots. In a progressive jackpot game, the goal of the player is to complete the required line or a full house in a fixed number of calls.
So, now that you know where you can find the best bingo bonuses in UK and can understand how to win the big bingo jackpots, why not try your luck at Bingo Magix today!

Online Bingo For Money

With the advent of technology and the internet, the online world can be used in several ways such as marketing, making money, and for information sharing. Moreover, the internet has brought us close to games which can earn money while simultaneously having fun. However, they are lots of games to choose from which can be the golden egg everyone is hoping to get to become rich like online bingo for money.
Few such games are:

1. Bingo

Online bingo for money is a fun activity which also allow you to earn money. In online bingo for money we essentially get a card which contains different numbers which are selected by the computer at random. We need to cross out each number in our cards whenever the bingo caller or the online number selecting machine calls the number which is present in your card. The first person to finish a row gets a small prize and the person who finishes the whole card gets the jackpot.

2. Slots

This is one the most common games which has been passed down from generation to generation. Although the mode of playing has differed considerably but the essentials of the game still remain intact. Many sites provides games which have slots and online bingo for money.

3. Poker

Poker is a one the most exhilarating game in the online world. In this game we are given two cards which we can peek into and five cards are placed facing down. Depending on your hand strength we have to bet each round before and after revealing a face down card.

Overall, the technological growth has allowed us to make use of internet in different ways which was never expected before. Online bingo for money, slots and poker have proven to be great revenue generators for online community.

Why you should start playing bingo games online for free

Online bingo is all rage these days. There are so many people playing the game and enjoying it. But what makes this seemingly simple game so popular? Why is everyone playing bingo games online for free instead of the good ol’ offline version at the bingo halls? Here are some reasons:

  1. It’s Free!: If you plan on playing bingo at the brick and mortar bingo hall, make sure you bring some money with you. But not so in the case of online bingo. For playing bingo games online for free on sites like, all you have to do is to sign up. On signing up or registering with the site, you will be provided with a free bingo bonus. You can use this bonus for playing bingo game online for free on the site.
  2. There’s so much to talk about!: The social aspect of online bingo is what makes more and more people attracted towards the game. The bingo sites for playing bingo games online for free have bingo chat rooms where the participants get the opportunity to talk to each other and other like-minded players.
  3. You get to keep the rewards!: Just because you are playing bingo games online for free does not mean you don’t get to keep the rewards or winnings. You can use the sign up bonus to play in the bingo rooms on the online bingo website and the winnings are yours to keep if you get lucky.

Online bingo is poplar for a lot of reasons, and if you have not tried it yet free bingo might be just what you need!

Why Mobile Bingo Is Better Than Going to a Bingo Hall

Mobile bingo refers to bingo that can be played anytime and anywhere, on your smartphone or tablet. Instead of playing bingo in a brick and mortar bingo room with physical bingo balls in UK, people are now choosing to make their mobile phone their bingo hall. Playing with physical bingo balls in UK, implies going to a bingo hall, standing in a queue to get your bingo cards, then sitting in complete silence and concentration as the caller calls out the numbers one by one. But if you choose not to play with bingo balls in UK, you can then play the same game using virtual UK bingo balls! And the way to do it is by playing online bingo on your phone.
Not only mobile bingo brings easy commuting by providing an ultimate means of playing bingo without bingo balls UK it also helps you earn a little extra money on the site. If you are lucky, you may even win a progressive bingo jackpot worth thousands of pounds!
Mobile bingo sites let you win big cash and jackpots while playing online and also provide you with amazing bonuses and interesting promotions to keep things engaging and fun. There are various types of mobile bingo bonuses provided by bingo sites like that you can avail as a player. You can also take part in the promotions on the site and even choose to donate some of your bingo earnings to a good cause or charity if you feel like it.
Mobile bingo applications also keep you connected to your friends and family on social media so you can share all your updates as soon as you want!

Big Bonus Bingo Sites

With the advent of technology and with an increase of internet usage bingo has become an online thing rather than its predecessor which was more of a social event where bingo fanatics gather at a hall where bingo is conducted. However, with such a sharp increase in bingo sites in the online space the difficulty of finding big bonus bingo sites has increased. Nevertheless here is a list of big bonus bingo sites which are the best bet for the bingo player all around the world.


Bingomagix is undoubtedly one of the big bonus bingo sites around and offers a bonus to such extent it compels the user to play bingo and slots on the site. It offers a free signup bonus of £10 and that too without depositing any money. It further offers an additional 600% bingo bonus and a 200% slot bonus that is if you deposit a meager £10 we get to play with £70.


This big bonus bingo site is very user-friendly and also offer exceptional deals to make use of. It offers a free signup bonus of £10, with the requirement of depositing any money. Furthermore, it also offers an additional 400% bonus on the amount you have deposited and to add to this it has wonderful bingo offers and slot bonus.

3. Newbies Bingo

This often considered one of the good bingo sites where there are some crazy offers such as £15 free signup bonus. Moreover, they have a deposit of 500% on first deposit, 350% on the second and finally 300% bonus on the third deposit.

Overall, choosing big bingo bonus sites is essential as it helps to maximize the profits.



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No Deposit Mobile Bingo Sites

Mobile gaming is common these days and is becoming more popular due to the huge number of games available on it now. Casino games like blackjack and poker are also available now on mobiles. One of the games that is gaining popularity over the no deposit mobile bingo sites is bingo. Many sites have now gone mobile and the best part is the fact that these no deposit mobile bingo sites have retained their offers on the mobile versions too. Few of the best mobile bingo sites are:

GameVillage is home to all the bingo players all over the world. It is one of the most popular no deposit mobile bingo sites in the entire UK. It offers £10 free signup bonus and also 400% welcome bonus. The mobile version supports both android and iOS platforms. Due to this, the mobile version is gaining a lot of popularity.

Bingo Magix
This is one of the oldest no deposit mobile bingo sites and offers a huge variety of games like bingo, slots, casino games and scratch. It offers 600% welcome bonus to all players who join it. The mobile version supports both android and iOS platforms. You can play a variety of bingo games like 75 ball, 80 ball or 90 ball bingo game.

Many other sites have also developed their mobile versions and are in the race of gaining popularity. With the concept of mobile gaming brought by these no deposit mobile bingo sites, players can enjoy playing their favourite bingo games anytime and anywhere.

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Online bingo is surely the best thing that has happened to a game lover as the game is not only super fun and easy to play but also highly rewarding.

You come across lots of exciting bonus offers and promotional deals when you get started on a site to play your favourite bingo games.

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Hit the newly introduced linked bonus only rooms namely the Bonus Castle, the Bonus Tower and the Bonus Bridge to play bingo online for real money.

Play bingo online for real money in the bonus rooms where winnings are in cash and you can withdraw them if you meet wagering.

Also play in the new linked cash only rooms that are open 24/7 along with the Bonus Bridge and Tower rooms.

Irresistible wins of cash prizes, free bonuses, bingo cards, prize points and lots more await you on the site when you take part in the profitable deals.

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